Innovations and Inventions

Mr Parulekar has been active in developing several devices/techniques in collaboration with clinicians, academic colleagues and with industry

Mr Parulekar has, with colleagues devised and designed a mechanical device for treating patients with blepharospasm. It has completed clinical trials and patent protection by Isis innovations (intellectual property rights group of the University of Oxford).

Mr Parulekar has worked closely with Keeler Ophthalmic Instruments to develop a new hand held slit lamp for paediatric patients.

He is currently working with Prof Claridge, University of Birmingham and colleagues in Buenos Aires and Barcelona to develop an imaging system for in vivo spectroscopic analysis of retinoblastoma tumours and their treatment.

Research Grants

Mr Parulekar has been a principal or co-recipient of the following research grants

  • 1. Pathfinder Award, 'Retinoblastoma: screening for RB1 mutations by intra-ocular cell free DNA analysis', Wellcome Trust, 201073/Z/16/Z, 2016, Co-Applicant

  • 2. The Fusion of MRI, Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Imaging (MRSI) and Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) of the optic pathway as an aid to the management of Optic Pathway Glioma (OPG) BCHRF380 grant awarded in 2014

  • 3. Spectral imaging of retinoblastoma tumours for differentiating between of persistent/recurrent disease and potential application for treatment. Collaboration with Prof Ela Caridge, University of Birmingham- BCHRF385: grant awarded July 2014. Principal Applicant

  • 4. Ipsen Pharmaceuticals. Further development of Pressop (Blepharospasm device) Fantato A, Parulekar MV, Elston J. May 2013.

  • 5. Childhood Eye Cancer Trust. Epigenetic mechanisms in retinoblastoma. C McConville, MA Brundler, H Jenkinson, M Parulekar. 2012-2013.

  • 6. Birmingham Children's Hospital Research Foundation. Clinical validation of a molecular classification of retinoblastoma. C McConville, MA Brundler, H Jenkinson, M Parulekar. 2012-2013. 2013-2014,

  • 7. Dystonia Society UK- towards commercialising the blepharospasm device developed in Oxford Eye Hospital

Teaching and Training

Specialist Trainees

Mr Parulekar is actively involved in the training of residents in the West Midlands and Oxford Deanery training programmes. He is the college tutor for ophthalmology in Birmingham Children’s Hospita, and Fellowship Director.

Mr Parulekar has supervised several candidates leading toCCT through article 14 of PMETB.

Mr Parulekar regularly teaches trainees in other specialties including general paediatrics, endocrinology, rheumatology, neurosurgery, and accident and emergency medicine.

Mr Parulekar teaches medical students from University of Oxford and University of Birmingham.

Mr Parulekar also contributes to the training of Allied Health Professionals (nurses, orthoptists, optometrists) towards extended roles, through tutorials, CME lectures and as an invited speaker at meetings.

He has developed online educational material, including surgical videos and courses for ophthalmic trainees as well as optometrists, including a collaborative project with the Childhood Eye Cancer Trust.

Mr Parulekar was Visiting Professor, University Of Ottawa In 2015.

International Ophthalmology

Mr Parulekar has a major interest in developing world ophthalmology, contributing to and learning from ophthalmic services in developing countries.

  • 1. Sight Savers International Mr Parulekar has served as a trustee on the Sightsavers international board since 2014, providing input into international programme development strategy. He is a nominee on the Indian Sightsavers board, and a member of the International Programme Expert Group, to oversee development and implementation of the various blindness eradication programmes.

  • 2. Retinoblastoma services in Colombo, Sri Lanka Mr Parulekar has contributed to the training of a retinoblastoma specialist who is now running the Retinoblastoma Programme in Lady Ridgeway Children’s Hospital, Colombo, and arranged donation of a retinal camera to the unit.

  • 3. Volunteer Ophthalmic Surgeon at the Sadguru Netra Chikitsalaya, Chitrakoot, India and BKLW Hospital, Derwan, India Mr Parulekar has worked at charitable hospitals in central and western India, exchanging ideas, techniques and experiences with the resident surgeons working there.

  • 4.Training overseas visitors Mr Parulekar regularly receives observers from various countries, and develops links with their hospitals, providing e-consultation and advice, and sharing ideas.